Where to Keep Lucky Bamboo Plants in Your Home?

The lucky bamboo plant is considered most auspicious to bring good luck and prosperity to the home. They make the best gifts for any occasion and bring happiness to the life of your loved ones. But you need to consider keeping the lucky bamboo plants at specific spots in the house to maximize their effects. Placing them in unfavorable spots may have some adverse effects, so it is necessary that you do thorough research before growing lucky bamboo plants in your home.

Read on to know more about the places where you can keep lucky plants in your home to bring in the wave of positivity, fortune, and happiness in life.

Left & Right Side of the Main Door

You can place the lucky bamboo plant on both sides of the main door to bring good fortune for the members of the family. It also helps to keep the forceful and negative energy out of the house. Keeping plants at the entrance of the house also gives a warm welcome to the guests.

Study Room

Keeping lucky bamboo plants in the study room brings positive energy and create a quiet and relaxing environment for studying and working. They are also considered to help with career progression. You can buy lucky bamboo online from the gift stores to send as a gift to your friends and family members.


Keeping a lucky bamboo plant in the kitchen near window invites the positive energy in the house and the wealth follows. Apart from the wealth and prosperity, they also add a tinge of greenery to your house. Buy bamboo plants online from BookMyFlowers to enhance the décor of your house and create a warm environment.

Confined Areas of House

The energy in the confined areas of the house, such as the top of the fridge, washroom, and staircase is often stale and weak. Placing lucky bamboo plants in these areas will help in the movement of positive energy. They also enhance the décor of the areas in the house which otherwise remains ignored.

So before you buy lucky bamboo plants, decide the location of the house where you will keep it. The areas mentioned above are the best spots in the house to keep your lucky bamboo plants to reap their benefits and regulate the flow of positive energy.