What to Bear in Mind When Shopping for Window Blinds

Owning a home is among the things that many people like, and when they achieve it, they make it one of their greatest achievements. However, it doesn’t have to end there as a couple of times they still will be hitting the stores (either online or offline) in search of accessories to enhance the home’s appearance and suite their needs. While window blinds are more often overlooked, they help finish up your house, giving it a gorgeous look among other things such as privacy, cutting outside light and style.

Homeowners and DITers always find themselves at crossroads whenever scouting for perfect window blinds and shades for their home. They are lost in choosing the ideal color, fabric quality and style. If you are one of such homeowners, then you may find this article educative.

Consider light and privacy

Here there are only two things to bear in mind, do you want your house to be buttoned up and cozy or lightened up and airy? The chances are that you need to block up the light in your bedroom to encourage a snug sleepy. Others may choose to have their kitchen windows with a sheer fabric so that they can have sunlight in over their farmhouse sink. Also, determine whether the windows you want to treat are next to the front door or on the house’s sunny side. All these factors are dependent on the type of fabric and style to choose.


The size of the windows to be treated, along with the actual number of windows also determine the overall treating cost. Large windows always cost more, the custom sizes, and type of fabric also adds on to that cost.

Blind type

Some blinds are best suited for specific locations; example wood blinds are the ideal choice for offices and dens. Once used in kitchen and bathroom, the result won’t be pleasing since, after a short while, they get damaged by moisture. Also, they are not encouraged on living rooms and bedrooms since such areas rhyme well with softer blinds that brings out a bit of romance too.

Blinds to show off your patio

When showing off your patio is of necessity, buying vertical blinds would do. They rhyme well with your tall sliding door which leads to your patio and, or porch. For long, white vinyl blinds have continually been common, thanks to their ease of cleaning. Fabric blinds are also cool when used as they bring out the stylish ambiance of the home.

Window design

The window design should also be considered, as what you’d use for rectangular windows will be different from what to use for porthole windows. Porthole windows have a nice charm, and perfect porthole blinds should enhance the porthole’s beauty without hiding it. When purchasing blinds for porthole windows, bear in mind that they should be professionally installed without the need for maintenance other than occasional vacuum cleaning using an extendable arm feather duster or a vacuum cleaner nozzle.


With these buying tips, you are sure to make a better decision when you will be out in search of perfect blinds. As a homeowner, thorough research is always advised to get the best for your money.