Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Glazing

Consider bespoke glass whether your project calls for remodeling your home or business or building new. You’ll bring an awning view into focus through windows, doors, balustrades, or a glass staircase. In London, Finepoint Glass leads the way in bespoke glazing. The firm provides all project aspects in-house. Its professional team includes sales staff, estimators, designers, project managers and installers. Finepoint takes your glassworks from idea to installation, so you can see and touch what you imagined. It works hard to deliver dreamy design in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Architectural trends

Glass lends itself to the minimalist look in home/commercial improvements and remodelling. Bespoke glazing lets you apply the trend whilst retaining your individuality. The sleek look of glass works with any decor and any room. For instance, a glass backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom cleans up with just a swipe. It provides endless versatility though since it comes in clear, smoked, frosted or with an etching, screen-printing or print overlaid.


Glass, especially the thicker tempered glass, reduces heat loss. Custom glazing installation helps ensure the warmth remains inside. Energy-efficient glass, called Low E, functions to allow light, retain heat inside, and reduce or eliminate interior condensation.


The same sleek glass that provides seamless views and makes even the smallest space seem larger, also provides durability and strength. An elegant method of dividing rooms or providing light, today’s strong glass forms innovative flooring, walls and ceilings. Windowless interior rooms can flood with natural light by installing one or two roof-lights, also called skylights.

Full installation

Bespoke glazing providers go further than custom design. Using a single source that handles design and installation ensures the best function, especially with respect to window, door and roof-light installation. In these cases, a tight, snug installation that appropriately attaches the glasswork into the structure enhances its energy efficiency. Proper installation negates air leaks and drafts.


As mentioned, roof-lights bring sunlight into interior rooms. You can reduce electrical bills by installing bespoke glazing that lets light into the home or office. A series of sliding glass doors can open a kitchen to the backyard, connect residents with nature and cut heating bills. French doors provide similar benefits. A smoked glass wall elegantly divides a room while also providing privacy, but allowing flow through light from the adjacent space.

Decorating or remodelling with structural glass lets you enjoy a minimalist look while expressing your individuality. Let the staff at Finepoint Glass help you bring your imagination to life with an energy-efficient glass design for your home or office. Whether you choose a balustrade to provide safer views from your office balcony or a bespoke glass staircase to lead to your corporate offices, Finepoint can help you. Finepoint can also help homeowners desiring a sunnier kitchen, a warmer living room with a view or bright interior study or library. Let Finepoint’s artisans create a bespoke work of structural glass art for you.