The Most Popular Elements To Incorporate Into Outdoor Kitchens

When the heat of the summer sun hits its peak, many families avoid cooking indoors as it can quickly cause the temperature inside a home to become uncomfortable. One of the best ways to create gourmet meals without heating up a home is to do the cooking outside. More homeowners are choosing to install outdoor kitchens as they enable everyone in a family to get more enjoyment from the great outdoors. Here are the top three elements that are necessary for a user-friendly outdoor kitchen area.


Few cooking methods compare to using a grill as it provides food with a fresh, char-grilled flavor that is delicious and healthy. An outdoor design studio has a vast array of built in style grills that provide a high-end appearance and allow a homeowner to cook a wide variety of foods. Most are powered by propane, and can even be connected to a home’s main gas line to ensure a never ending supply of fuel all year.

Sink And Prep Area

It is important to have a sink and adequate counter space for chopping and to prep vegetable and meat. Individuals in cold climates fear the idea of a sink outdoors, but if installed properly it can be a great asset that can be disconnected during colder months. Make clean up and meal preparation more enjoyable by incorporating a sink and prep area, as it will allow a homeowner to cook a meal from start to finish outside.


When meat is cooked at a low temperature for an extended period, it causes the juices to be released and creates meat that is tender and full of flavor. The addition of apple or maple wood can help add additional flavor and provide the perfect main dish for an outdoor party. Be sure to include an electric smoker in an outdoor kitchen to further expand the variety of items that can be cooked outside.

The task of designing and installing an outdoor kitchen may be overwhelming, but the team at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes can help. Stop by their showroom to learn more about the vast selection of products available, and let their installation experts turn a homeowner’s dream of an outside kitchen into a reality.