The Benefits of Running Your Business From a Storage Unit

Did you start a small business out of your garage? Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who has a dedicated office in your own home for business purposes? It’s also possible that you’re facing the opposite problem and that your business has grown to the level in which it has taken over your house, with your products sitting on the safe and mountains of paperwork filling your desk. If you fall under any of these groups, then it’s time to consider moving your business to a professional location and getting back full control over your home. Renting office space, however, can prove expensive for small business owners and you may not even require an office space for a full year. For this reason, it’s worth looking into other options before spending a single penny. A small storage unit of 200-300 square feet, for instance, can provide all the space you need to operate your business without spending as much as a dedicated office space. In this article, you will see examples of businesses that can leverage the benefits of using storage units so you can see whether it’s the right choice for your business as well.

Online Businesses

If you are running an online business with a ton of products, then you probably need quite a lot of space. Unless you have a separate room in your office where you can keep your products, this problem can blow out of proportion in no time. You also need to factor in the fact that online businesses usually deal with packing materials, which can range from small boxes to large containers. A storage unit can serve as a small warehouse, especially for small and medium online businesses in need of ample space to manage their inventory and make their everyday operations more efficient. The kind of products doesn’t matter, as you can use a storage unit to keep your products safe and easily accessible.


This one may come as a surprise, but there’s a whole bunch of tradespeople who utilise storage units to keep track of their inventory. And no, you don’t have to bother yourself about fixing all the things inside the storage space. Instead, tradespeople use them as a safe location for keeping their tools and materials. This proves advantageous for bulky tools that you might only need to access a few times each month, allowing you to keep your most used tools inside your house or car. Storage units can also be home to large supplies of tools or anything you need on a daily basis. A carpenter, for instance, may choose to store different types of screws, clamps, glues, and wood for work. As you can imagine, keeping these things inside your home can be a hassle and an inconvenience. Not to mention, they can be dangerous if you have kids.

Independent High Street Stores

Operating a business on the high street can be expensive, as renting property costs a lot of money and the availability proves scarce at the same time. Independent store owners need to maximize the limited space they have to make their shops look and function their best, which means there’s not much room left for keeping stock and supplies. This has given rise to high street retailers who use self-storage units as a means of tracking inventory and maximizing floor space.

By now, you should have a clearer understanding of what a storage unit can do for your business. A self-storage facility can be just what you need to run your business more effectively without worrying about taking up too much space in your home and spending a ton of money. You can even find service providers that accept deliveries, allowing you to move big boxes straight to customers instead of having them delivered to your home and then moving them. If you need to find something that fits your business, then be sure to look at our self-storage units. We offer unmatched affordability and flexibility, as you can choose from different sizes according to your unique requirements. We also use rolling contracts so you can ensure that you’ll only pay when you need to use our units. To learn more about the benefits of using self-storage space for your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our specialists will guide you through the process and give a free, no-obligation quote.