Some tips for dealing with the coming of summer

With summer on its way, now is the time to get your air conditioner prepared for the hot season ahead.  Here are some useful tips to help you get your air conditioner ready for summer.

Things You Can Do Yourself:

Test The AC Thermostat

When you lower the temperature does it cause your AC to turn on?  Next, lower the temperature to 60 degrees.  The air that blows out of the registers should be cool.  If these things do not happen, call an AC repair Williamsburg VA company to check out your air conditioning system.

Check Your Condensate Drain

This drain removes excess moisture. If the drain is clogged or there is too much water then it will need to be emptied.  Pull the condensate pan out of your unit and dump out any standing water.  Always check the pan and drain before you turn on your air conditioner for the summer.

Check Your AC Unit

Inspect the entire unit by walking around it and removing any weeds, debris or other materials. Visually inspect it for any signs of corrosion, or rust.

Things That Should Be Performed By A Certified Technician

You should contact a profession AC repair company to perform spring maintenance on your air conditioning system.  They should do the following:

Clean the Filters, Evaporator, and Coils

A thorough cleaning of your air conditioning system will include clearing out any build-up, dust, and residue from the filters, evaporator, and condenser coils.

The condenser coils on your air conditioner store and release heat,  When airflow is inhibited or blocked, the coils will heat and cause stress on your AC unit and result in it working inefficiently.  They should be checked and cleaned every year.

Check For Any Refrigerant Leaks

You must hold a Section 608 license from the EPA in order to handle refrigerant.  This needs to be checked by a professional. Refrigerant doesn’t evaporate.  That means that if your unit is running low, you might have a disconnection or leak.  Operating your air conditioning system on no or low coolant or refrigerant will result in it failing to cool your home and cause stress on your system.  It is critical to have the coolant levels checked before the heat of summer hits.