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Health and the Use of the Ketosis Strips

Are you dieting and the part of the goal is ketosis? Well, some of the diets like the Atkins Diet would recommend testing so that you will be able to know if your body is producing ketones. The simplest and the most affordable way that you can do this would be to test the urine with the use of the ketosis strips or the same testing strip. Though this is not quite an accurate method, this can be great for home testing, particularly if you are only new to such ketogenic diet. Doing a test can be a fantastic method when you would eat something that contains more in carbs as compared to what you have known.

Since people are in nutritional ketosis with different measurements of carbs and also protein, then such can offer you information so that you can individualize your diet. Such would provide motivation for you to achieve ketosis.

The diabetics testing ketone levels in order to check for ketoacidosis can interpret the reading a lot differently than someone who is on a ketogenic diet who would like higher levels of ketones. This minimal carb diet won’t have to be ketogenic for you to be useful. So many studies of low carb diets that are non-ketogenic have actually been discovered to have a lot of benefits.

Make sure that you would follow such steps when you use the ketone testing strips. You need to have the ketosis strips so that you can test the urine. There are a lot of brands that you will be able to find as you purchase them in the market. Such ketostix refers to any kind of ketone testing strip, whatever is the manufacturer.

You have to pass the test end of your keto strip while urinating as you begin with such test. It is imperative that you wet this or collect the urine in a clean container and then just dip the test strip. You should shake off the extra drops of urine. You must then wait for fifteen seconds or whatever time is mentioned on the brand of the test strips that you are using. You must the compare the color of your strip to the color array that you will find in the bottle.

Any color aside from the original beige would mean that there are some ketones in the urine. There are a lot of ketones in the body, when the closer is much closer to dark purple. This doesn’t mean that such is better since its darker. There are those who find low-to-mid level of ketosis as a fantastic level for feeling good and for achieving weight loss.

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