Counting Down Five of the World’s Best Architects

There’s no denying the huge role that architecture plays in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Even if we don’t stop to consider its importance, we still utilize the buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and bridges. Architecture is around us constantly throughout the day. Much of what we see is built upon the work of architectures in the past. Here are some of the biggest and best architects throughout time. Architects that have helped us, aspiring¬†architects in Bracknell, enjoy our lives the way we are used to.

1. Thomas Wright

Many architects are known for creating several important buildings. However, it’s possible to grace the top-five best architects around the world even if you’ve only spearheaded one major design. That’s exactly what Tom Wright has done by designing one of the best and most recognizable hotels in the entire world, located in Dubai.

To be more specific, he is known for designing the Buri Al Arab located in Dubai. This world-renowned hotel features some of the most luxurious and beautiful amenities in the world. The building itself is absolutely unforgettable. It features the tallest atrium in the world and it even has a private landing pad for helicopters. At the very top of the building is the world’s tallest tennis court. This amazing spectacle has earned Thomas Wright number five on the list of the world’s best architects.

2. Zaha Hadid

Zaha is not only one of the top female architects in the world, she’s one of the top architects of either gender. She also happens to be the only female to win the Pritzker Prize award. You may be familiar with the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, which she designed herself. It has been labelled as the most imperative building in America from the point of the Cold War forward. Her expertise includes opera houses, libraries, and buildings for public transportation.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright

Many historians have named Frank Lloyd Wright as the best architect to ever live. His projects were far ahead of their time; as were his construction techniques. Despite being so advanced and successful, he never attended an architectural school. All of his talents came to him naturally and under the wing of Louis Sullivan, who is also an amazing architect. Frank’s most noted for his unique and organic forms More than 1 and a half century later and his design ideas are still considered among the best in the entire world.

4. Eero Saarinen

Next on the list is the Finland native, Eero Saarinen. He began his career by working at the architecture office of his father. Later, while studying at Cranbrook, he met Charles Eames. He and Eames would go on to design various new forms of furniture. They later took part of a local organic design movement. Saarinen would eventually move on to architecture from furniture where he would do great things. His most notable achievement includes the TWA terminal located at the JFK airport.

5. Norman Foster

The final name on the list is Norman Foster, who happened to be a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect already covered. Norman launched his career while working for the inventor of the geodesic dome. Some of Foster’s most well-known designs feature patterns similar to that of the dome. Of all his designs, the massive skyscraper in London known as The Gerkin is his most prominent.