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Design With Plants to Sleep Better

Today’s buildings are sealed tightly to maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. This insulation is good for keeping your bedroom cool at night all summer long or warm in the winter, but it’s not helpful for maintaining fresh air in your bedroom. Without fresh air, you may be susceptible to health issues including headaches, drowsiness, congestion, and allergy-related symptoms due to indoor air pollutants. These pollutants have many sources, such as chemical cleaners and furniture emissions. Most houses have at least some indoor air pollutants

An easy solution to getting fresh air inside is to open windows and doors at night. In fact, doing so has been shown to improve sleep length, time to fall asleep, and the number of awakenings at night. However, it’s not always possible to sleep with your doors or windows open at night due to weather, security, noise, and personal preferences.

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