Before You Decide To Buy A Parquet First Know The Weaknesses And Advantages Of Each Type


Parquet solid is a kind of wooden floor made of full original wood, which is widely circulated in Indonesia that is from the type of teak, merbau, bengkirai, sonokeling, etc .. main condition of the solid parquet is wood must be hardwood group, because it needs stability against moisture & resistant to termites, because basically the parquet will stick to the automatic floor surface that can not be avoided from moisture and attack termites. The average size produced for the parquet solid is ranging from 3cm to 15cm wide and length from 20cm to 180cm. usually the size of parquet solids are getting bigger, the more expensive the price, because in producing a solid parquet of 1m cubic log logs when produced for small size will be obtained a lot of production, in contrast to the large size of production less. For more info you can visit

Excess solid Parquet

  • Age is very long life can even hundreds of years for certain types of wood such as teak, merbau, ulin, sonokeling, etc.
  • Can be in the Revinish for tens of times which means that if your wood floor looks dull you just call technician to revise, so the parquet look like a new back.rata2 time to revinish 8 – 15 anniversary.
  • Safer from moisture, water spills or other chemicals, colored by immeasurable parquet surfaces, and each other will be coated with polyurethane material, so that if any spills of water will not enter the parquet wooden layer.
  • more luxurious and natural look

Parquet’s drawbacks are solid

  • The old installation process, for 10-100m installation takes time – + 8hari working, while for the installation of 100 to 1000m2 it takes almost a month, and installation must be done by experienced installer.

• can not get the exact same motif, because the resulting motif is obtained from natural selection, even from one log of the same wood.