7 Stunning Kitchen Trends for 2018

When it comes to a kitchen makeover, a lot of new trends are arriving for the 2018 calendar year. So let’s just hop in and look at the many stunning looks for 2018.

TMF 家匠

TMF 家匠 has compiled several stylish new looks for the kitchen that you can take away and make your own:

1. Broken Plan

Open plan kitchens have been popular from the dawn of time. However, lately, more broken-plan kitchens have made their way to the forefront of design charts. In this way, simply adding a table to your kitchen can make an open-plan kitchen into a more snug and cozy space to call your own.

2. Unicorns

Unicorn-inspired and unicorn themed houseware has been flying off the shelve recently, so now will be a great time to find a way to incorporate these magical figures into your kitchen. Adding things like glitter to wall paint or colored glass tea lights is a great way to add in some unicorn fun.

Now, you don’t have to go all out, but a few unicorns here and there will make a space have a conversation piece, and keep the room from looking too dull.

3. Multi-tones.

Simplistic is always popular, with pure white cabinetry taking the lead. However, color is slowing coming back in style. Especially multiple shades of the same color, such as a dark green for the cupboards, with a light blue base.

Adding in bright colors to contract with the more neutral tones can also make them stand out more. The possibilities are endless.

4. Statement Patterns

This is a rather new way to add your own personal unique pattern for your kitchen. You can do this with a door design. You can have doors that are grooved, curved, whatever floats your boat. You no longer have to have boring cabinets anymore.

5. Making sure your furniture matches

Making sure that you have living room furniture that matches your kitchen makes the hole design concept simply look much better. It makes the house feel more connected than disjointed, and works better at feeling like you are at home.

6. Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly kitchen building alternatives have been on the rise. This includes the materials themselves, but also how the room itself looks. This can include layered plywood for your cabinetry for tables. Cork flooring and concrete tiles have also been on the rise as well.

7. Golds, Coppers, and Bronze.

Darker colors for cabinets are growing in popularity, and nothing pairs with darker colors than adding striking metallic for handles. Gold taps are also back in style, so try to find the best choice to fit into your kitchen style.