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Oversized Planners – Ideal for a More Efficient Planning

It is a necessity for college students to have a planner so as not to miss any important activities. There are just dates and events that you have to really jot down otherwise you’ll be in an unlikely situation like being late or worse miss an important event. For some they might say digital planners is better but there are instances wherein due to your busy schedule you forget to set an alarm for that particular event whereas in oversized planner everything is clear and you will surely don’t miss any important event. It is important to read the following reasons if you want to know what oversized planners is still the best type of planner despite technological advancements.

Decrease You Anxiety Level
Have you ever tried feeling that you will not be able finish everything on time? Well then, take a deep breath and use your oversized planner. If you feel stressed out worry not, start by writing down the important agenda that you have to tackle and then assigned a particular day and time you will do such. This will also allow you to minimize the chances of missing something in the process. Remember planning is everything, being able to organized the things that you have to do will always bring your A game.

Devise and Efficient Must-Do List
Oversized planners have enough space to plan everything hence utilize the space and create daily or weekly list of the things that you have to accomplish. Furthermore, this could also help your prioritize the activities that you have to do. You can just imagine how amazing it is to feel happy whenever you are able to cross something out or put a checkmark on your to-do list.

Note Down of Important Memories
Once the year ends and your planner is full already then don’t just discard them. Rather keep them for future use. The memories that you have in college will surely remind you of how you were able to overcome struggles and the best days you have with your friends and even your loved ones. This takes you back to the worst homework that you did and how much you procrastinate back them sometimes this brings laughter and joy when you remember those silly things that you did. Whatever it is, an oversized planner is just as important as having a diary, it allows you to remember that all of your efforts are set for one goal and that’s to chase after your dream.

Make a Note to Remember
A number of people believed that if you want to remember something you must write it down as a matter of fact some people even write down important details when studying to have a better retention. Typing anything might be easier but certainly taking out your pen and paper to note down important details will have better retention in your brain.

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