Month: July 2018

Which? blasts landlords for neglecting carbon monoxide alarms

Health and safety is of paramount importance to tenants, and an essential part of preventing avoidable accidents is fitting adequate alarms. Landlords may be keyed up on requirements regarding smoke alarms, but carbon monoxide alarms are of equal importance. They need to be professionally fitted in the most appropriate location in the property.

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According to the consumer association Which?, this knowledge is particularly lacking amongst Edinburgh property agents. For expert information, it is simply a matter of looking at the relevant place on the HSE website:

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-A survey was carried out of 30 properties in the UK, including six agents in Edinburgh. Information was obtained undercover.
-Renting is increasingly popular in the UK, including Scotland, particularly amongst the under-35 age group. With rented accommodation, it is the responsibility of the landlord, not the tenant, to ensure that health and safety requirements are adhered to.… Read the rest